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Napoleon's penis

Thank you for watns have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid There are some things you would hope remain sacred even in death, but apparently not. You can unsubscribe at any time. The military giant had been exiled there and likely died of stomach cancer.

Historical costume. Actor dressed as Napoleon. He still fucking cheated, the fact he gave the money back just proves that he was only cheating to fuel his own ego instead of to win money, which just makes him seem petty.

Napolein But for the sake of posterity, lets talk about the third thing anyway. When Lattimer died inthe famous penis went to his daughter Evan. This is so withered. No wonder he looks a bit sad The 'part' in question belongs to Evan Lattimer, who was bequeathed it by her father. up to FREE alerts from Mirror - celebs Subscribe When you subscribe we will Wjo the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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Helena in According to Time Magazine, the dismembered penis measured one and a half inches in length when it was purchased. Perrottet claims that the French government turned down an opportunity to buy the penis, and it went on to become a public relic for the next 50 years.

Next, the penis fell into the hands waants a British collector in If the offer was real, that would be a total return on investment of about 3, percent. Though he was a tactical genius, often described as being similar to a chess grandmaster on the battlefield, in face-to-face dealings he could be a little, abrasive.

A renowned urologist, he bought the item at a Paris auction in for three thousand dollars. The sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Init was even put on display in New York by an American rare books dealer who had bought the penis in Which is fine, those first bkg things are probably important, we guess. No records exist that it has changed owners since then. Not wanting to draw any more attention to the penis, Lattimer kept it under his bed and refused to show it to anyone who asked to see it.

Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. The doctor gave the penis to a priest, who smuggled it into Corsica, shortly before he was murdered.

Dead famous dna: documentary confirms that napoleon's penis matched the man’s small stature

Around an inch and a half. We bet that was a lovely surprise. So yeah, the next time you see an article, story or documentary talking about Napoleon and it talks about how great of a military leader he was.