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Some of the girls were catches, most of them needed to be thrown back in the water, and some of them frjends doomed from the start like anyone not named Rachel Green who dated Ross. And she was also one of Joey's seven sisters, which made the entire thing around Mary Angela ten times funnier.

But Alternative dating the same time, you get plenty of stories to tell. Julie Ross and Julie first met in graduate school and reconnected while abroad in China. Chandler also had his share of women come in and out of his life before he married Monica. Later, they meet at his optometrist party where she friendw Phoebe are catering. If Chandler was fine with it, we're fine with it.

It broke his heart, and it broke our hearts.

Ross geller dating history: ‘friends’ characters he dated on the show

The sitcom that followed the lives of New York's funniest and most dysfunctional group of people ran for ten years, snatched a Golden Globe, and to this day remains 41 on IMDb's list of top television shows. Kathy had the potential for being the best girlfriend Chandler ever had by that time, but her actions were impossible to forgive.

Of course, it turned out she girlriends to punch og for no real reason, even after it crossed the point of being inappropriate, so it was for the best that Joey had Rachel beat her up to make Katie break up with him. We meet a grown-up Julie who wishes Monica luck in quite a sarcastic manner once she finds out she's to marry Chandler. The two of them hit it off straight away and begin dating like two cute love birds.

Everyone's excited to see "Fun" Bobby who doesn't live up to his name when he becomes depressed about the death of his grandfather.

Due to his interest in her, we finally saw Joey get a real storyline and evolve in the mindset of a lover. It was only because she liked to punch him all the girlfriendz that Joey had a problem, and even that was done because she was fond of him.

And, with the exception of Rachel Greenno other character dated or got married as much as Ross Geller. Someone liked her! He appears in " The Pilot " in Season 1. Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook!

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In addition to Rachel, he also had a brief relationship with her younger sister, Jill played by Reese Witherspoon. They end up hooking up that night, which ruined his chances of getting back together with Rachel. Plus, these two looked like such an attractive couple that we still rue how Monica and Chandler got between them. Before sleeping together, Ethan tells Monica that he is a friens. If there's a relationship that never happened because it was doomed from the start, then this is probably it.

Again, another incredibly funny moment for the show, courtesy of Chandler's love life. A minute after Joey talks to Rachel he sees Ross and Charlie kissing, so Joey goes up to Rachel's room and starts to kiss her for a while.

Rank all of the girlfriends from "friends"

She wasn't exactly the most likable person in the world, we give you that. Joey also tries to tell Ross what happened between him and Rachel, but his plan backfires later.

When Joey starts to date a girl named CharlieRachel starts to get jealous in Barbados and can't hold her feeling much longer. Even after she cheated on him, Joey was angry at Chandler, not Kathy. The Italian Lothario never had a problem scoring with the ladies, but he also never seemed to find the love of his life, despite having many girlfriends and relationships. Unfortunately, her career still mattered more to her by the end. However, they stayed Wife wants nsa Kwethluk touch throughout the series, as the two shared a son named Ben.

However, after Ross found out that Rachel was in love hirlfriends him, he broke things off to be with her.

She was so cool, so sweet, so right. There was no reason to complain about Marjorie at first glance since she looked as normal and sweet as the next girl. We don't see any winners in this situation, but then again, they were 15 years old. After fighting with Monica, Rachel sets her and Jean-Claude up on a date, maliciously telling Jean-Claude that Monica wanted to have a threesome with him and Drew Barrymore. Chandler was so taken by her that he honestly didn't care when she revealed she had a husband and a boyfriend while dating him.

Disregarding that, though Erin was a breezy character who liked to make others laugh, and Joey certainly came to see that. They try to work things out but eventually broke up after Vriends found out that Rachel was living with Ross. And by season three, Chandler loved her too. The next day Joey and Rachel try to make love for the first time, but they are both nervous. Unfortunately, she was never treated as someone important and was dumped quite soon.

Later he offers her a job in a restaurant Casual encounters Florence bought, hoping to win her affection. What he wasn't fine with was Aurora going out and finding herself yet another boyfriend.


Upvote the best GFs of the guys from Friends below! However, they eventually broke up, and she and Ross started dating instead. In fact, he was always pining for his next relationship and also, marriage. Data-driven recommendations based on voting from over 40 million monthly visits to Ranker. Richard Burke Monica and Richard Monica's longtime boyfriend Richard Burketwenty-one years her senior, was introduced to her when she was as her old optician and family friend.

There must have been something special about Angela. They complete each other beautifully, plus, everyone is a sucker for two friends who eventually fall in love with each other.

Ross geller dating history

No hard feelings against her, but Chandler Bing deserves all the love friejds undivided attention in the world. When everybody he back to New York, Ross tries to tell Joey what happened between him and Charlie. But, after finding out about her feelings, he broke things off, and the two started dating though there was a rough patch in between there, too. Ethan dated her under the impression that she was