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With news of the Texan victory at San Jacinto, the Burnet government hastened to the battlefield and began negotiations to end the war.

In the fall ofLord Aberdeen announced that Her Majesty's government would recognize Texas independence, and on November 13—16, three treaties were ed that dealt with independence, Tfxas andand suppression of the African slave trade. The first navy included the ton Libertythe ton Independencethe ton Brutusand the ton Invincible.

Congress provided a charter and four leagues of land. By July Burnet and his cabinet began shifting responsibilities.

By the white population, including Mexican immigrants, had risen Loooking , and the of slaves to 38, The terms of annexation had to be accepted by January 1, By he had introduced a total of 2, settlers. Several had broad political experience. On January 1,Congress passed a law permitting the president to issue colonization contracts to individuals or groups who would introduce a specified of families within three years.

Richard F. A large body of Mexican troops was rushed to the town, and the Texans, facing odds of ten to one, surrendered on December Wharton, and Stephen F. On March 19,sixty-five Comanches showed up with one white prisoner, a twelve-year old girl by the name of Matilda Lockhart. Houston favored a "diplomatic act," but Anson Jones, the president Texaas, balked.

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Rusksecretary of war; Bailey Hardemansecretary of the treasury; Robert Pottersecretary of the navy; and David Thomasattorney general. Meeting in special session in May in Houston, the First Congress instituted a commission-at-large to locate a permanent capital. Jones Lookinf introduced a resolution urging Houston to withdraw the offer of annexation, saying that Texas had grown in strength and resources and no longer needed ties with the United States. Stephen F.

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Its female department eventually became a separate institution. Houston was chosen commander in chief of the revolutionary army and left the convention early to mwn charge of the forces gathering at Gonzales. In late December, at the president's orders, Col.

On their march to Mexico City, the prisoners overthrew their guards at Hacienda Salado, and sought to servive to Texas, but most of them were recaptured. On June 2 Maj.

Near Austin, scouts discovered his trail, and Col. The Democrats won by a large vote. Treat reached Veracruz on November 28,when the Federalists and their Texan allies were at the gates of Matamoros. As no action was taken, in December Congress selected a site commission from its members, and in Aprilthe group t a vacant tract on the Colorado near La Grange.

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Jones won by a large vote. This innovation continues in their two-way radios and communication solutions. The United States Congress adjourned on July 9,without acting Buron the question of annexation. Despite its small size, this radio offers enhanced range in a compact casing. Like other frontier areas, Texas acquired a reputation as a land of sharp dealers, lawlessness, rowdiness, and fraudulence.

The first national flag had "an azure Looklng, with a large golden star central. In October he moved the government offices to Washington-on-the-Brazos. No one was required to live on the land. An ad interim government would direct affairs until general elections were possible.

The Centralist Mexican government also faced a revolt by Federalists in its northern states. All four ships were lost by mid A year later, in SeptemberTreat proposed to the Mexican minister of foreign affairs an extended armistice but was ignored. On December 19,the Texas Congress unilaterally set the boundaries of the republic.

Opposition to the company developed when Branch T.

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He would be the commander in chief of the army, navy, and militia, but could not "command in person" without the permission of Congress. The army was disbanded. Texas Rangers intercepted Flores's party near Onion Creek, killed the emissary, and dispersed his men. Grants were given for postrevolution military service varying from acres for three months' duty to 1, acres for twelve months'.

The Texas Congress had voted liberal land laws in Soldiers also forced the Shawnees, Alabamas, and Coushattas to abandon their hunting grounds; the last two tribes were given lands in East Texas. The convention delegates knew they must declare independence-or submit to Mexican authority.

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The Lamar administration was drawing to an end. Mexican troops intercepted Capt.

Lamar called for far-reaching public programs.