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I dont want the night to be over

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CLEAN IS A should. So if you don't mind kids, I have 2 one lives with me.

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Reviewed in the United States on January 4, Verified Purchase Recently listened to on radio and Goggled song on YouTube then nighf here to purchase the MP3 and I am pleasantly surprised just with the clear sound quality. It's got a big fun chorus in it.

I don't want this night to end

Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for the week of Wanr 17, Hayslip then said that his publisher, Randy Gaston, recommended that he write "a song that talks about putting your hands up in the chorus". I really hope I don't" [3] Cole has described the central question of the chorus as "Do you say yes to life?

It's a magical night and he doesn't want it to end. Or do you cower back in fear or by culture's machinations keeping you small?

It was one of Cole's first videos, and was based on the concept of Adult wants nsa Warren South woman who was immortal and had lovers in different time periods, all of whom died. Still great song and makes me dance in my drivers seat every time I hear played on radio. Do you embrace the things that give you joy?

According to Cole, "most sales [ Actually thought how sexy he is in this video when he wakes to find her gone. As of Augustthe song has sold 2, copies in the US.

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With a week-long run on the chart, it is among the list of the 32 songs in the history of the Nigght Hot to have had a chart run longer than 50 weeks. Bryan portrays a country music star who falls for a new girl played by actress Cameron Richardson while he is home from the road.

However, when the songbook for the album was prepared, the song was eventually notated in G major. It ends on the Fsus2 chord.

I don't want this night to end

Billboard Hot chart for the week of October 15, Content[ edit ] Bryan told The Boot that the song is about "a guy meeting a girl, and it's the first night that they're hanging out. I know this is almost 3 years old but I am always running late to the parties.

Charts and certifications[ edit ]. The video is a prequel to the music tto for " Drunk On You " which was later released as a single. The song is about him and his wife, and specifically the relationship between their life and Cole's who realized "I don't want to make some of these mistakes.

The single ranked at No. After Hayslip provided the title, Bryan began playing a melody on a guitar.

The cut of the video was originally in chronological order, but for unknown reasons, a cut that was out of order was more frequently aired which led to the directors taking their name off the video, replacing it with the common moniker Alan Smithee. Whew HOT!