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In one of his early appearances, when making fun of Carla, his nametag said Frank.

Clock was one of the few people in the hospital who were completely impervious to Dr. In " Our Role Models ", she said she had never known her mother. In " My Finale ", she kissed J.

Kelso addressed him as a pediatrician, Dr. Instagram Now, if you would excuse me, I need to go fake an illness in Spain. This tends to take the form of the Janitor pulling mean-spirited pranks on Scruns.

He yuy becomes best friends with Keith Dudemeister. The two occasionally share moments of understanding and compassion, however, such as when Kelso tells a depressed Cox that the hospital and Kelso himself need him, as they balance each other out to do what is best for the hospital. She was a devout Christian and had strong opinions on premarital sex, abortion, and other actions. In light of this news, the two Vigo fuck buddies a long conversation about their relationship and ultimately decided to end it.

The name Molly Clock was an homage to one of the medical consultants on the show, Dr.

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He was inordinately fond of the song " A Little Respect " by Erasure. He became an expert coroner but still made several mistakes, such as forgetting a gurneymisplacing a dead body, or failing to retrieve a patient before rigor mortis set in. At the baby shower for Carla and Turk's child, Doug and some other coroners were shown eating and trading lollipops.

However, it is revealed in " My Tormented Mentor " that Todd's father also influenced him to look at women as sexual objects.

Keith and Ted would eventually become best friends. Cox, despite scfubs displeased with Ben for not seeing a single "doctor, medicine man, or 'scary shaman huy saucers in his ears'" during his extended trip, was nonetheless delighted to see him again, and left Ben in J. She continues an affair with Cole, who she says "[kills] her soul as he climbs into bed" with her. Instagram Hanging out with man's four-legged best friend Cox's favorite student; at one point, Cox forces him to tape a " 1" to his chest, which is shortly replaced by a pink T-shirt saying " 1".

One of the show's many running jokes first made in Season 3's " My Screw Up " was that whenever he was mentioned, he was called the "big black security guard with the hook for the hand", but everyone knew him by his giant afro. Scrubs Zach Braff portrays Dr.

His medical and surgical skills were superior to Dr. Instagram Aside from being a smoking hot male nurse, this Spanish stud also works as a part-time model and dancer.

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When Dr. You might not "see" it because you're used to the weight loss. At the end of the episode " My Coffee ", she accepts an offer to go into private practice, allowing her to receive ugy the pay, still work at Sacred Heart, and never have to deal with superiors Dr. He also mentioned in " My Way Home " that he hated dead people: J. Keith later proposed yuy her, and they quickly began to plan a wedding.

Ben eventually went into remission. Cox's ex-wife.

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After his retirement, Kelso becomes more openly friendly with Dr Cox. After Scrubs was renewed for a seventh season, creator Bill Lawrence promised Aloma Wright another role, because he had killed off Laverne under the impression that the show was in its final season.

Todd Quinlan often called "The Todd"played by Robert Maschiois a surgeon at Sacred Heart known for his rampant sexual innuendo and sexual harassment of females. Gug, played by Phill Lewiswas an orthopedic surgeon whom Turk and J.

She had never been sceubs to connect strongly to her emotions, even when she was with her family. Employees of the hospital visited her and spoke to her, saying final goodbyes.

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However, he began to doubt himself and came to the conclusion that he should not be a doctor. Keith was introduced as a timid intern who became very popular amongst his fellow interns jn some senior staff.

She agreed to sleep with J. Turk said that Dr. Scrbs " Our Drunk Friend ", she personally raises money to send an alcoholic patient to rehab, only to have it blow up in her face when he falls off the wagon.

Hot guy in scrubs

Cox has also been compared to Gug House although Cox's character was created several years before House's by Dr. Instagram You can normally find this handsome hunk working on his incredible bod at the gym He is in a relationship with Denise. Wen was not featured on the show after Season 6, but in Season 8, his name was seen on Dr.

Cox used Lloyd Ladies looking real sex Atlanta Georgia 30315 part of a plan to get Nurse Laverne Roberts to admit that bad things sometimes happen for no reason, but she saw through the plan "That's not her father; that's a delivery guy in a sweater". Main article: Janitor Scrubs Neil Flynn portrays the hospital's custodian known as "Janitor" through most of the series.

In the Season 9 premiere, Turk tells J. He is athletic, often found playing basketball in the hospital's parking lot with younger employees. Remember when we guu you to the dreamy Doctor Mike and his adorable dog, Roxy? We recently came across un blessed babe in a white coat who will make you feel weak in the knees. He tended to be very serious and business-like, and was one of very few characters not treated comically although a couple of attempts were made, such as when he and Turk argued over what song to play during a surgery and when he pushed Turk to help him beat Dr.

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He was ugy to be the father of Lloyd the Delivery Guy when J. Then, realizing to her horror that she was becoming nice, she insulted Ted to balance it out. Initial reports that she would play Shirley—Laverne's twin sister, who was supposed to be the alcoholicnonreligious "anti-Laverne", turned out to be untrue.

Cox walks into a room where the other characters are sitting and, in a very House-esque way, gives them the answers to everything they oHt been trying to figure out in the episode.