Secluded Garden Estate Wedding Planner-Pala Temecula Weddings

I have been a  Secluded Garden Estate wedding Planner several times previously, but the couples have always had issues getting their photos, or have hired someone that doesn’t share with vendors. So I have only a few cell phone images of the events.  Finally, Shanya and Chris come along and had hired Stephina, so I knew I would get some photos!

Chris was in the military, and getting ready to go on a deployment for 9 months, so the date of the wedding was possibly subject to change.  Shayna met vendors, created her seating chart, table numbers and many paper flowers with the help of a friend, then planted plants as centerpieces, and got ready for the wedding. All while hoping Chris would make it home in time.

The week of the wedding, he arrived, even a few days early, and boy what a relief for everyone!

They were able to have the celebration they wanted with all of their family and friends coming in from all across the country to finally see them married.

It was a perfect evening and the photos show that! Right down to the ice cream sundae bar they served for dessert instead of a wedding cake.

Congratulations to you both, and thanks for your service in the military, Chris!

Venue- Secluded Garden Estate

Rentals- Premiere Party Rentals

Catering- Encore Catering and Events

Photography- Stephina Photography

DJ- VIP Events

Transportation- Sunset Limo

Hair and Makeup- Jaime Lake 

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