Moniker Warehouse Wedding

Linda and Brandon had a Jewish inspired ceremony at Temple Beth El in Old Town Historic Park, followed by a Moniker Warehouse Wedding Reception. From the latin touches to honor her heritage, and the Jewish touches to honor his, it truly was a blending of the cultures filled with love. Brandon wore his tallit during […]

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Mission Bay Hyatt Wedding

Rachel and Alexander were married at sunset at the Temple Emanu-El in San Diego. Their celebration was at the Mission Bay Hyatt until the very late hours of the night! Toasts were done with vodka, wine and champagne, s’mores were roasted, and cigars were smoked! Photos by Janis Foley for True Photography Weddings.  Vendors that […]

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Loft UCSD Wedding Planner

Kristen and Darren found the perfect place for their reception in the Loft- Great design, flexible layout, and just enough room to accommodate their group!The La Jolla Wedding Ceremony was held at Cuvier Park. Also known as the Wedding Bowl. Traditional Jewish elements were added as Darren is Jewish. Kristen loved learning about the traditions […]

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